All clips in facesitting archive 06/2015

26806 - A break on the slave face

I was asked the other day how I prefer to spend my breaks when shooting clips with one or more of the BossGirls. Well, I prefer to sit on the face of a slave, just like now! I want to spend my break in peace and do not want to be disturbed. My jeans ass presses firmly into the slave's face so that the slave can hardly stand it. He tries his best to be a comfortable and submissive seat cushion, but do you think he can do it?!


157141 - Weak For Jeans Face Sitting

I want to push you deeper into addiction for jeans ass, it's so easy to make you weak and pliable for Me. I'm going to tease you and smother you with My jeans ass cheeks. I'm going to sit on your face and make you gasp for air while you smell the scent of My jeans ass. Your face is My throne and you really don't need to breathe. Dominated and smothered,you are just an object for My jeans ass to use.