All clips in facesitting archive 01/2017

27087 - How comfortable is his slave face?

Lady Luciana's new seat cushion has already laid down on the carpet and is just waiting for his mistress to take a seat on him with her jeans ass. She wants to know how comfortable his slave face is so sits down firmly on it. A short comfort evaluation follows, before she stands up and sits down again in another position. Is she perhaps more comfortable sitting on his face this way?


182656 - Lovely Neighbour 2

Three tall girls live in a building on the top floor. Everything goes well for them except the stupid neighbor who makes noise and plays loud disgusting music.Lola, Elly and Avril rang his doorbell and asked him to mute the music. But the little devil is rude and doesn't want to listen to them.What follows is known to everyone. Front face sitting.


157459 - Facesitting And Nipple Torture - Empress Victoria

here we have the next clip with gorgeous goddess empress victoria. the slave lies on a bench, tied up with straps over his full body, so he cant move an inch. on his nipples some painful nipple clamps are attached. ideal toys for a sadistic mistress like empress victoria is. his face is nicely exposed for some good faceslaps. but today our mistress has something different in mind. what abaout taking a good seat on the face of the slave. this is a wonderful part of this clip, cuz empress victoria performs here a lil bit in a pov style, talking to YOU while she making her slave breathless. while she plays with the nipples of the slave the talks go on. she removes then the clamps from the nipples, but not to make it better for the slave, no…she now uses her cruel hands to twist his nipples harder then the clamps do. she also speaks about the cock-cage you will have to wear as long as she loves it.