All clips in facesitting archive 10/2017

183212 - Which position robs him of air the longest?

Princess Serena wants to know how long the slave can go without breathing air and, to find out, sits down with her hot thong ass in the middle of his face. She sits firmly on his head and the slave has no chance to breathe. She loudly counts and tests his stamina in many different sitting positions!


183611 - Mean facesitting game with Lady Nora

We’ll now play a little game with the slave – we’ve brought along 2 dices and we’ll roll them to determine how long the slave will be breathless under our asses. For each eye of the dices, we’ll sit on his face for 10 seconds! He really isn’t lucky and the first roll already comes out to 70 seconds – that he will stay under Lady Nora’s ass. Then it’s my turn and he will suffer under my ass now! We enjoy how his body twitches and he starts to panic under our asses – and that’s really unfortunate for him, because it means that we will play this mean game for a loooooong time!