All clips in facesitting archive 11/2021

159408 - Breaking in the human saddle

I'll make this slave into my new saddle - his face to be more precise! I've put him on a box and immediately sit down on his face with my leather-strengthened riding pants - not only smothering him completely, but also flattening his nose! But as you may know, the rider doesn't stay still on a horse's back all the time - with walk, trot and gallop the rider needs to move quite a lot, which can be quite hard for the saddle :-D And this slave better does his best to be a good saddle - otherwise I'll need to use the riding crop to keep him in line ... a tool I'd never use on a horse, but I love to use on a slave!


181645 - Miss Opium - Face Sitting with Cumshot (1080p MP4)

Do you remember Miss Opium ? We haven't filmed with her since April 2020, but she's back again ready to punish this pathetic slave.Dressed in leather look leggings and latex top Miss Opium is having a slave's face beneath her gorgeous ass. She's smothering him while looking at her phone and teasing his penis at the same time until he just cum after approximately 3 minutes. Basically as soon as Miss Opium has started stroking his penis, a few seconds later he did a cumshot. How pathetic that slave is. Absolutely disgusting.That doesn't stop her from what she was doing. She just want to smother his stupid face while playing with her phone. That's what happens at the rest of the clip after the cumshot. By the way Miss Opium pays some attention to the slave, but she mostly ignores him while he is struggling for air beneath her amazing ass. Also the Goddess talks during the clip but not a lot.You can enjoy very nice camera angles as you can see from the GIF.