All clips in facesitting archive 09/2016

157506 - Breath control games and fresh air!

Everything that belongs to the slave automatically belongs to Goddess Yasemin. This includes his body and all his needs. Starting from the very unimportant to survival-level important needs, like breathing oxygen. And that's exactly what Goddess Yasemin loves to play with! The slave has to lie down on his stomach so that his mistress can sit on his back. Then she grabs him around the head from behind and holds his mouth and nose airtight. Now her breath control game begins. During this she explains the rules to the slave. Whenever she lets him breathe, there is nothing to breathe - except her cheesy foot stink!


183149 - Behind the Scenes 10 -Murderotica (HD)

Includes hot behind the scenes footage showing the making of one of our videos! Filmed with 2 cameras, even when one camera is off exclusive footage was captured from our secondary camera showing you the inner workings of how we produced one of our videos! We were amateurs 17 years ago, and we are still amateurs at heart today. One thing is certain, we always have a good time filming our lifestyle!Murderotica in sweat pants straps Hellgrinder's face in with the 'Smother Harness' to her ass while she films selfies of herself laughing and enjoying the beautiful sights of his struggles! Plenty of gorgeous smiles and laughter captured on film makes this a must have for any Masorotica fan! With the addition of exclusive behind the scenes footage showing all the bloops, laughs, and making of the video! We hope you enjoy the clip as much as we did making it!The best thing about being a producer is capturing the beautiful smiles of our girls. This is eternal happiness captured on film. This alone is the greatest reward a producer like myself can ask for. Thank you to all our models from 2005-2022 and beyond -Hellgrinder