All clips in facesitting archive 12/2015

182376 - A break on the slave face - small version

I was asked the other day how I prefer to spend my breaks when shooting clips with one or more of the BossGirls. Well, I prefer to sit on the face of a slave, just like now! I want to spend my break in peace and do not want to be disturbed. My jeans ass presses firmly into the slave's face so that the slave can hardly stand it. He tries his best to be a comfortable and submissive seat cushion, but do you think he can do it?!


157377 - Choke 114

Hand Over Mouth And Nose Teenie Domination!Princess Amorela choke Bobby with her hands. She pushes the air out of his mouth and nose with both hands so that Bobby can't breathe anymore. The nature-sadistic teen dominatrix really enjoys this and wants to torment her slave with it until he faints.