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Me and a friend of mine, Blue Angy, are two sexy and sadistic policewomen and we have captured this guy who doesn't know what he deserves today. He continues to plead innocent but we know he is not. Immobilized, he will suffer our torments which consist of single or double facesitting to take his breath away and pricking with the heels of our boots. He will suffer the power and beauty of our asses while we laugh at him and have fun humiliating him heavily. Will his imprisonment be torment or pleasure?


157712 - Facesitting Vibrations -Hellgrinder's Edition

Get ready for another INDUSTRY FIRST that can only come from the creative minds of Masorotica Productions! Originally the idea of this video came to fruition back in 2008 in one of our 'doll' videos on a washing machine/dryer. It also had 'Vibrations' in the title. Only this time we finally got it done with a human being the 'ride' itself that Murderotica will SIT ON! Basically this concept has been floating around Hellgrinder's head since pre-2008! It will only see the light of day now in 2022! This title brings the FUN, LAUGHTER, and EXCITEMENT of the early days! It will bring you back to 2005 and we hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did producing it!We present to you the FIRST FACESITTING clip of it's kind! -'Facesitting Vibrations'. The washing machine is OLD and it vibrates HARD! It's like a wild rollercoaster with Hellgrinder's FACE as the SEAT and Murderotica as the rollercoaster RIDER sitting comfortably on her human seat she vibrates her juices all over it's face!The clip begins with Murderotica using the toilet (real sounds of her going INCLUDED because yes, it's all real!) and not using any toilet paper once she's done. Sooo I just ran out of toilet paper. You'll just have to do the job for me ok? Instead she will use Hellgrinder as both a bidet and as her own personal toilet paper! Hellgrinder's head is leaned up against an old washing machine as Murderotica spreads her ass cheeks wide and sits on it's face! Tongue inserted deep into Murderotica's asshole as she sits on it's face enjoying the hard vibrations of her washer! It's entire head and face vibrate between her ass cheeks penetrating deep into her holes cleaning out every pore! Oh this is so much better than toilet paper. I have my own personal bidet! Ooh those vibrations feel really good! This feels so good I don't think I'm going to get toilet paper anymore.As the machine vibrations INTENSIFY so does the jiggling of Murderotica's ASS CHEEKS on Hellgrinder's upturned face and she's LOVING it! I can sit here all day, just so you know. she bursts out laughing at one point as the machine vibrates HARD rocking it's head and face back and forth, back and forth!UNCUT TO INCLUDE ALL THE FUN, LAUGHS, AND CRAZINESS THAT MADE US FAMOUS! Amateur style footage done right! This clip is INTENSE and the VIBRATIONS are EXTREME! You have NOT seen a video like this before, so download your copy now and enjoy the show!'Hellgrinder's Edition' contains a 'Between the Scenes' EXCLUSIVE footage not available anywhere else for the collectors out there!