All clips in facesitting archive 04/2016

182808 - Lady Luciana's Facesitting Punishment - small version

The way this slave appeared here is unacceptable to Lady Luciana so she punishes him in a way he doesn't like. She sits her ass on his face and punishes him with hard air deprivation. She just sits on him until the air is very scarce for him. Only then does she get up again and give him for a short possibility to breathe. But he should not get used to it, because that was only round number one of Lady Luciana's facesitting punishment and more will follow right away!


157540 - Lady Scarlet - Your breath in my hands

I tied my female slave to the chair, completely naked. I want her to feel contact with the ropes, I want her to feel completely helpless so immobilized. Today I will be the Mistress of her breath. She suffocates, little one, while my gloved hand covers her nose and mouth. She suffocates as I grab her neck and she feels as if she is losing consciousness. Search the air while my now bare hands plug your small holes and also enjoy playing with your small tits. You are mine. And now that I'm leaving I promise you I'll be back, if not for you at least to retrieve the glove I put in your mouth...