All clips in facesitting archive 09/2017

157968 - Mean facesitting game with Lady Nora (small version)

We’ll now play a little game with the slave – we’ve brought along 2 dices and we’ll roll them to determine how long the slave will be breathless under our asses. For each eye of the dices, we’ll sit on his face for 10 seconds! He really isn’t lucky and the first roll already comes out to 70 seconds – that he will stay under Lady Nora’s ass. Then it’s my turn and he will suffer under my ass now! We enjoy how his body twitches and he starts to panic under our asses – and that’s really unfortunate for him, because it means that we will play this mean game for a loooooong time!


183772 - Obey My Shiny Ass

You are such a jerk off Loser for My shiny ass and you need to be paying it! Watch this clip and My shiny ass will take care to make you give in, submit, get weak, vulnerable, mindless and stupid for it. I will not just tease and mind fuck you with My divine shiny Ass, but I will also sit on your face, making you sniff and worship every inch of My perfect shiny ass. Findom Ass Worship has never been sexier! Pay My shiny ass,Stroke. Obey My Shiny Ass!