All clips in facesitting archive 01/2016

183143 - Every girl needs a human seat to ride on!

Princess Serena: FACE SITTING LESSON FOR LADIES: Every mistress needs a human seat cushion. It's so cool to ride a slave face. I like to sit on his face when I'm wearing panties, then I can feel his face and his nose on my pussy. Then I ride off and it gives me enormous satisfaction. I rub my pussy on his face and have a lot of fun. Then I push his nose up my ass. He can inhale the smell of my ass and my buttocks press his nose flat. He can't breathe and his gasp makes me really wild and my dominance becomes even stronger. Facesitting with air reduction is a pleasure for every mistress...


156595 - A break on the slave face - small version

I was asked the other day how I prefer to spend my breaks when shooting clips with one or more of the BossGirls. Well, I prefer to sit on the face of a slave, just like now! I want to spend my break in peace and do not want to be disturbed. My jeans ass presses firmly into the slave's face so that the slave can hardly stand it. He tries his best to be a comfortable and submissive seat cushion, but do you think he can do it?!