All clips in facesitting archive 10/2015

157401 - I can't hear your begging!

I want to have some fun with the slave - and immediately slam my jeans ass on his face once he's on the floor. I want him to beg me to let him breathe ... and if I don't understand him, I'll just keep sitting on his face until I understand him :-D Turns out it's really hard to beg with my ass and my full weight on his face, I totally didn't see that coming :-D He tries to mumble under my ass and panics more and more the longer I stay on his face. Obviously, I've to let him breathe every now and then, but I won't go easy on him! It's so much fun to see his whole body shaking and his struggling intensifying as I smother him under my butt!


182651 - Music Session 4

Four girls attend music school. All 4 are excellent students and have a talent for rhythm. In order to catch the right beat, the girls found a suitable woofer for their needs, in the sense of a young guy. And they dance... All night long.Great set with wonderful music therapy. Welcome to Rock High School.Bea Lola Megan Avril Face riders in music action.