All clips in facesitting archive 07/2015

182807 - Lady Luciana's Facesitting Punishment

The way this slave appeared here is unacceptable to Lady Luciana so she punishes him in a way he doesn't like. She sits her ass on his face and punishes him with hard air deprivation. She just sits on him until the air is very scarce for him. Only then does she get up again and give him for a short possibility to breathe. But he should not get used to it, because that was only round number one of Lady Luciana's facesitting punishment and more will follow right away!


156583 - Queen Hanna controls his oxygen supply - small version

Queen Hanna sits down on her slave's chest and shows him what she is going to do with him. She presses firmly on his mouth and nose with her hands. His breathing stops! From now on Queen Hanna decides when he will breathe and when he won't. She decides everything in his life and eventually even takes control of his oxygen supply...