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27510 - Double Jeans Face Sitting And Ass Smothering Femdom

Two beautiful and dominant Princesses Kira and Sofi in denim pants and denim shorts torment the slave's face with their asses. The submissive guy has his hands tied so he can't push away those godly butts in jeans as they press his face in and his mouth is sealed with duct tape. At the beginning, Mistress Sofi orders the slave to become a human chair (human furniture) for her, making a chair out of his face, and a footrest out of his palms. Sofi tests the strength of the slave with a full-weight facesitting in jeans, and Kira controls this process. The cocky Mistresses then order the human-furniture to lie down on the sofa so they can sit on it while doing double facesitting. Mistress Kira, in denim mini shorts, sits on the slave's face and raises her legs to focus all her weight on the pressure of the slave's face with her ass, while Sofi stood with both feet on the slave's chest making it difficult for him to breathe even more. Thus, the slave experiences both full-weight jeanssitting and full-weight trampling femdom. Sofi then sits down on Kira's knees doubling the agony of facesitting for the slave because now the weight of two Mistresses sits on the slave's face at once (double facesitting). But the sadistic girls realized that there is another position for double facesitting - they conditionally divided the slave's face into two areas and each of them sat on half of the slave's face. At the same time, Kira sits both on the mouth and on the neck of the slave, making his ass smothering femdom even harder.