All clips in facesitting archive 07/2016

183273 - Can you handle 2 jeans asses, loser?

What did you think we'd do when we asked you to come home with us? You did tell us, that you like your jeans asses - and we'll give you a close-up of our jeans asses! We take turns sitting on your face and smothering you under our asses - not really what you imagined, is it?! It's really funny how your face changes color after a while. Can you also handle our combined weight? When Nora sits down on my lap while I sit on your face? Or do you prefer Nora's dark jeans on your face while I sit on her lap? For us it's a lot of fun to see you suffer under our asses for sure ... and you thought you could handle 2 girls, loser :-D This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!


157118 - Female slave is strangled

Mistress Roxana has heard that her slavegirl likes to be strangled and, because she always gives her mistress so much fun, Mistress Roxana wants to reward her and starts to strangle her with her hands on her neck. But her slavegirl doesn't seem to like it at all! She tries to resist, but she is tied up and helplessly at the mercy of her mistress. Mistress Roxana wants her slavegirl to finally admit how much she likes it and keeps squeezing her until she does!