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26971 - Face Sitting And Breathing Game Of The Beautiful Goddess Stephanie! (4K RESOLUTION)

The beautiful goddess is wearing a semi sheer green bodysuit, she is going to play with her slave's breath and dominate him. Stephanie asks Joe if he's ready and he replies "yes", she sits down and starts smothering him under her pussy. She likes to see Joe suffer exhausted under her pussy, her goal is to keep him breathless as much as possible. Joe tries to go out several times to breathe but she is very fast so she leaves him a few moments.Joe is subdued every day by the beautiful cruel goddess.


157103 - Lady Luciana's Facesitting Punishment - small version

The way this slave appeared here is unacceptable to Lady Luciana so she punishes him in a way he doesn't like. She sits her ass on his face and punishes him with hard air deprivation. She just sits on him until the air is very scarce for him. Only then does she get up again and give him for a short possibility to breathe. But he should not get used to it, because that was only round number one of Lady Luciana's facesitting punishment and more will follow right away!