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157266 - Squirting object under my ass

There are just objects that do not need much. Like this one. He may feel my divine ass on his face today. Sometimes sitting forward and also the other way around ... Since the tail stands but immediately like a one. While I ride the face of my object horny with ass and pussy, there are cum commands ... Of course, with this treatment it does not take long until the juice shoots out of him


157102 - Lady Luciana's Facesitting Punishment

The way this slave appeared here is unacceptable to Lady Luciana so she punishes him in a way he doesn't like. She sits her ass on his face and punishes him with hard air deprivation. She just sits on him until the air is very scarce for him. Only then does she get up again and give him for a short possibility to breathe. But he should not get used to it, because that was only round number one of Lady Luciana's facesitting punishment and more will follow right away!