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184079 - Best Facesitting Clips Vol.1

This is by far our Best Facesitting Compilation. Taken from our very HOT Facesitting Pay Per View Clips you'll be amazed by the variety and beauty of several different sexy sitting on a man's face. A must for the Facesitting Fans!


27277 - Punished under my sweaty ass - just for fun!

First, you'll get to adore my sexy ass as I go for an extensive run - then I go back to the slave, push him to the ground and slam my sweaty ass onto his face! It's not that he did anything wrong - it's just really entertaining for me to make him suffer under my sweaty ass :-D I smother him under my butt and simply enjoy how he's struggling and whining - that he gets my ass sweat rubbed all over his face only adds to the entertainment :-D He's just a useless and right-less slave that I can use and torment however I like and whenever I like! I'm in a really mean mood today and sometimes only let him breathe 1 or 2 times before I slam my butt back down and he's smothered under my ass again!