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157507 - Breath control games and fresh air! - small version

Everything that belongs to the slave automatically belongs to Goddess Yasemin. This includes his body and all his needs. Starting from the very unimportant to survival-level important needs, like breathing oxygen. And that's exactly what Goddess Yasemin loves to play with! The slave has to lie down on his stomach so that his mistress can sit on his back. Then she grabs him around the head from behind and holds his mouth and nose airtight. Now her breath control game begins. During this she explains the rules to the slave. Whenever she lets him breathe, there is nothing to breathe - except her cheesy foot stink!


182658 - Lovely Neighbour 4

Three tall girls live in a building on the top floor. Everything goes well for them except the stupid neighbor who makes noise and plays loud disgusting music.Lola, Elly and Avril rang his doorbell and asked him to mute the music. But the little devil is rude and doesn't want to listen to them.What follows is known to everyone. His face is on the right place. In their asses.