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3852 - The Executrix Files: The Executrix Lounge

True to her word, Mistress Edyn had her recent smother victim placed in the Executrix Lounge to be sat on and smothered by the Executrixes for however long he can survive. Amazon Mistress Bella Bathory has been crushing and destroying men for hours and is ready for a break. She smiles as she spots the slave still wrapped tightly to the smother bench and completely vulnerable. Bella is the first Executrix to use the lounge since the slave was brought in and she's eager to begin breaking him! The slave's face positioned is high enough in the smother box to feel her weight as she sits, which Bella makes sure to take advantage of, smashing her victim's face while she smothers him. The vise inside the smotherbox is already closed tightly around the slave's head, but Mistress Bella decides to tighten it even more; making it squeeze the slave's head tightly on each side while Bella crushes his face beneath her big butt. "You were left here to be toyed with," Bella teases as the slave struggles for under her ass, "and really just to see how much more of this you can take before you're begging for us to ____ you!" She moves through different positions, looking elegant as she crosses her legs in a forward facesit and then wedging the slave's nose into her ass crack as she sits reverse. She wonders out loud how long the slave will survive, who will end up finishing him off? Will it be intentional or will he succumb unnoticed beneath a woman who simply forgot her seat was a person? Will he even survive one day in the lounge? A few times Bella sits so long that it seems she's ready to finish him off right away, but she doesn't want to spoil everyone's fun. Of course, she can't promise the slave he will survive her break, accidents do happen after all. She tries to give the slave an opportunity to beg for his life, but the slave is too dizzy and out of breath from being suffocated to even do that right! Obviously this male is truly useless and deserves his life sentence of smotherbox slavery! Mistress Bella Bathory, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Executrix, Femme Fatale, Smotherbox

3852 - The Executrix Files:  The Executrix Lounge